Endowment Fund of Pediatric Oncology Krtek in Brno

The Endowment Fund of Pediatric Oncology Krtek ( NFDO Krtek ) was established as a part of the Children’s Medical Center of the University Hospital (FN)Brno by its current Head, prof. MUDr. Jaroslav Štěrba, Ph.D, in 1999.

NFDO Krtek has gradually become an inseparable part and a partner of both doctors and paramedical staff of the clinic who deal with complex oncology treatment of nurslings, infants, and adolescents.

High on the list of priorities of the Endowment Found is improving the quality of the stay of children in hospital, making it more pleasant and help with coping with its consequences. We implement programs improving the quality of life of young patients and their families. We also ensure the equipment in workplaces of the Clinic of Pediatric Oncology and contribute to research. Continuously, according to needs relevant to the current situation, we create projects aimed at help for every single hospitalized child and for children who have ended their active treatment.

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