Clinic of Pediatric Oncology of the University Hospital Brno

The Clinic of Pediatric Oncology of the UH Brno (KDO FN Brno) is one of two specialized centres in the Czech Republic dealing with the complex oncology treatment of children from birth to adolescence.

The Clinic has three wards. They are the standard ward, the intensive care unit and the transplant unit.

The Clinic of Pediatric Oncology of the UH Brno provides care to patients from the whole Moravia, East Bohemia, and to everyone from other regions, who has decided to be treated at Children’s Medical Center in Brno for any reasons.

The quality of care during the complete treatment is comparable with care in both developed European countries and the USA.

Within a calendar year more than 170 children become ill with cancer and they are treated at the KDO. In view of the fact that the cancer treatment is very time consuming, the total number of children in KDO care increases every year. The total successfulness of the children oncology treatment reaches circa 85%.


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