Social counselling

The social coordinator helps families and mainly ensures:

    • communication with parents of hospitalized children
    • specific needs by targeted communication or by support within programs improving the quality of life during treatment and after it.
    • help with solving social problems of families.
    • financial support from the Good Angel Endowment Fund
    • rehabilitation and assistive devices
    • parents  meetings, telephone counselling
    • information about events of EF

Home care

All of those participating in the treatment of an ill child try to reduce the stay in hospital to minimum. Possibility to spend the treatment in a familiar home environment is more suitable for patients in many respects.

Thanks to the support of the NFDO Krtek, the KDO FN Brno provides help for its patients in home care, e.g. by lending medical equipment and supporting aids – antidecubitus pads, rehabilitation aids, adjustable beds, mobile toilets, motor splints, oxygen concentrators.

The main goal of the project of home care is creating and instrumentation of a team of doctors and nurses who can visit an ill child at home at any day or night time on parents’ call. They can sum up  patient´s health status and take necessary steps to solve the problem. In most cases transportation or hospitalization of the child are not indispensable. The importance of mobile home care for children with cancer disease is twofold:

  1. improving the nutritional status of children during an active treatment at home.
  2. home care enables painless and peaceful departure of incurably ill children in the case of terminal care. The death of a close person is always a sad event. The death of a child is a tragedy. The care of patients in terminal stage shows the level of the society. In developed countries homecare is a standard. That is what still has been missing in the Czech Republic. We want to fill this space.


The Endowment Fund of the Pediatric Oncology Krtek runs a hostel for patients of the KDO FN Brno and their parents. Operating the hostel supports the quality of life of cancer patients and their families on two interrelated levels – it allows children to stay out of hospital during the treatment and, at the same time, it takes account of the financial situation of families and of the claim to accommodation of persons who accompany the hospitalized children.

The hostel is not just about providing a place to sleep but we try to create as wide background as we can and to make the stay easier to all of you at least a little. The costs of the accomodation of children and parents are carried by NFDO Krtek.

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