In 2010 two projects were implemented in this area: the publication called „Tumours of adolescents and young adults“ (Dr. Viera Bajčiová) and the campaign „You have got balls“.

The campaign was aimed at testicular tumours which belong to the best curable types of cancer. An important factor is the early diagnosis. 90% of patients have a chance of permanent recovery. In the advanced stage of the disease an intensive combined chemotherapy is necessary and the probability of a completely successful treatment decreases.

More and more patients with this type of the disease come to the examination late, it means – the disease still is at a very advanced stage. This fact led doctors and the Endowment Fund Krtek to the idea of launching a campaign that would address young boys and men so that they would be more alert to changes in their body and they would not underestimate their health care. The aim of the campaign is to make young men not to underestimate symptoms and not hesitate to visit a doctor.

The campaign „You have got balls“ should increase the awareness of testicular tumour problems and spread it not only among teenagers and young men but also among parents and teachers. Despite the fact that the testicular tumours are likely to be completely cured, thanks to earlier diagnosis and subsequent treatment, the campaign „You have got balls“ is the first ever public campaign aimed just at this type of cancer in the Czech Republic.

The campaign took place on several levels – from advertising and interviews in magazines to running a special website, or making and broadcasting a clip and an educational video as well.   The project „You have got balls“ was launched at the end of October 2010.

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