Options for donors

You can support the activities of the Endowment Fund of Pediatric Oncology by any amount of money or a material donation on the basis of a contract. There you can specify the purpose of your donation. Every contribution destined for improvement of the treatment of children has a sense.


It is possible to deduct the value of the donation from the tax base if the total value of donations in a taxable period exceeds 2% of the tax base or it is at least 1 000,- CZK. A donation can reduce the tax base maximum up to 10%.


The donor’s profit is making company’s name towards the public, employees, customers and partners. The company helps to create high quality living conditions in the region where it operates. It can become an example for other donors and recipients. A donation can reduce the tax base maximum up to 5% if it meets requirements of § 20(8) of the law about income tax: the correct recipient, the minimum value of the donation is 2 000,- CZK.

The value of donations is deductible from the tax base reduced under § 34 if  donations are given to municipalities, regions, state organization units, legal persons registered in the Czech Republic as well as to legal persons who are the organizers of public collections pursuant the special law concerning the financing of science and education, research and developmental purposes, the financing of culture, school system, the police, fire protection, the support and protection of the youth, animal protection and their health, social purposes and the purposes of health service, ecology, humanitarian, charitable, religious, physical educational, sporting purposes and the activities of political parties and movements. It also concerns the individuals with a residence in the territory of the Czech Republic operating educational and medical facilities and facilities protecting abandoned animals or endangered animal species, the financing of these facilities, and furthermore it concerns the  individuals with a residence in the territory of the Czech Republic who are beneficiaries of a partial or full disability pension, for rehabilitation and medical supplies not covered by health insurance companies, and for property facilitating education and joining a job of these persons, if the value of the donation is at least 2 000,- CZK. The value of the donated property is the residual price of the material property – § 29(2), or the value entered in the accounting according to the special legal regulation in other asset. In total you can deduct the maximum of 5% of the tax base reduced pursuant the § 34. This deduction can not be applied by taxpayers who are not in business.

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